Absolutely wonderful, from start to finish.

Victoria Gray

Working together to create modern and inclusive employee rewards

Say goodbye to the old fashioned way of saying well done. Say hello to Seekebox.

For Inclusivity.
For Diversity.
For Everyone.

Seekebox is built on the idea that every employee deserves to be rewarded and recognised for the work they do. We celebrate employee individuality and with Seekebox, you can be sure that nobody is left behind.

Regardless of dietary requirements, current desk location or anything else, we work with you to create rewards that make every employee feel like the box they hold in their hands was designed just for them.

Recognise. Reward. Retain.

When you find the best staff, we know you want to hold onto them. Seekebox helps you recognise the positive impact your employees bring to your business, reward them in a personalised way and retain them for future success.

Give back with Seekebox.

The best staff desire rewards that go beyond their salary and extra paid holiday. That’s why at Seekebox we go further than simply creating a box.

Giving back is core to our mission. Every item is carefully handpicked, the box itself is 100% recyclable and for each order you place with us, we plant a tree on your behalf with the International Tree Foundation.

We talk your language.

If you have an existing employee rewards program you’re looking to compliment or if you’re starting from scratch, we can help.

Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs and wherever your staff are currently working from, we’ll deliver right to their front door.


Drop us a line and lets discuss creating a modern, inclusive rewards program for your business.